Meet the girls who turned down Cristiano Ronaldo.

It may seem unbelievable, but it’s true. At least, that’s what they assert.

In this article, we will explore the instances where girls have turned down Cristiano Ronaldo.

She’s a model who alleges she turned down Cristiano Ronaldo because he wasn’t her type. Cristiano Ronaldo was romantically associated with Godwin during his time at Manchester United FC.

She got married in 2014 to a former Arsenal FC midfielder, but they split up due to allegations of cheating on his part.

She claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo slid into her DMs a long time ago, but she turned him down. She’s a Russian model who gained attention in a Russian YouTube show, Macarena, where famous celebrities were discussed upon their initial posts.

She named Ronaldo and said he wrote to her.

She named Ronaldo and said he wrote, “Hi, how are you?” She deleted the message and decided not to reply, stating she didn’t want to give him a chance because she knew some other ghosts. Hirachi Odincova said she is acquainted with Lewis Hamilton, the British F1 champion, but he is in the friend zone. She’s also in contact with Brazilian star Neymar, but only as a friend.

Aline Lima

Aline Lima, a model living in Australia, claimed she turned down Ronaldo, and her boyfriend was no longer a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo because he wanted his girlfriend when she asked Ronaldo for a fan letter to surprise her boyfriend. Cristiano Ronaldo was only interested in meeting with her alone, and he didn’t want to meet her boyfriend, as per a series of WhatsApp messages.

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