Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mind-Blowing Mansions And Supercars: The Ultimate Dream Life

Let’s dive into the luxurious lifestyle of football legend Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo, also known as CR7, is a Portuguese football virtuoso and a sensation at Al Nassr, making him one of the most followed celebrities worldwide. This master of the field doesn’t just thrill football fans on the pitch – he is also well-known for his extravagant lifestyle.

Since the fan-favorite athlete stepped into the world of luxury and high-end living, fans find it challenging to divert their attention from their idol’s magnificent mansions and deluxe cars.

Now, hold onto your hearts, CR7 fans, as we are about to embark on a virtual tour of Cristiano Ronaldo’s lavish lifestyle.

When it comes to CR7’s real estate portfolio, his attention-grabbing mansions take center stage. This football star owns countless luxury villas worldwide, and each possesses the ability to captivate your heart.

First, let’s start with Cristiano Ronaldo’s most expensive and lavish mansions – in Saudi Arabia, Italy, and elsewhere.

The Kingdom Suite

Currently, the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) resides in a whopping $300,000-a-month serene home known as the Kingdom Suite in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with his partner Georgina Rodriguez and their five children.

This modern-day palace is nestled in the heart of Saudi Arabia’s futuristic city of Riyadh, offering a lifestyle of unrivaled luxury and glitz. Furnished with every conceivable and enviable amenity, the Kingdom Suite is the perfect fit for Ronaldo and his family – and the first of many impressive houses, villas, and high-end condominiums.

Turin’s Tranquil Villa

The football superstar has contributed to the bucolic landscape of Turin, Italy with his cozy (but not small) villa. Surrounded by lush green gardens and breathtaking mountain views, this Italian villa offers a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle fit for the king of the field and his family.

With an approximate value of $6.5 million, his artistic manor home is equipped with the finest quality furniture, a modern private gym, an on site spa, and a swimming pool. This Italian mansion is a great example of quiet luxury, one of many among his homes.

An Iconic Madrid Mansion

When talking about CR7’s luxury villas, who could forget Ronaldo’s iconic Madrid villa? Nestled in the old world streets of the Spanish capital, this stunning property is worth $6.2 million.

This astonishing home features luxury decor, advanced amenities, and an extravagant vibe perfectly suited for the football wizard’s family of seven.

Madeira’s Homecoming

Cristiano Ronaldo owns one of the finest mansions (with an estimated value of nearly $10 million) in his hometown of Madeira, Portugal – and it’s ultra-luxe, even by celebrity standards.

Boasting gigantic swimming pools, another private gym, a personal football field to practice at home, and undoubtedly impressive external architecture, this luxury estate is more proof of CR7’s long and lucrative career.

Surrounded by the lush landscape of Madeira, the opulent mansion is the perfect spot for a Ronaldo family reunion.

A New York City Condo

Last but not least (for homes, anyway), Ronaldo paid a staggering $18.5 million for his 2,509-square-foot condo in Manhattan. In addition to a stunning exterior and enviable location in the heart of the city, the Manhattan condo offers a custom artistic flair introduced by globally famous designer Juan Pablo Molyneux.

Previously owned by former President Donald Trump’s business partner, Ronaldo’s condo appeared to be a wise investment and complement to his portfolio of property. While Ronaldo sold the condo at a loss in late 2022, he still walked away with over $7 million from the sale of the Trump Tower property.

Wheels That Turn Heads

When we talk about Cristiano Ronaldo and his riches, it’s impossible not to mention his notable collection of cars. His menagerie of luxury cars is vast and impressive, especially the crown jewels of his collection: a Bugatti La Voiture Noire, a Rolls-Royce Phantom, and a Lamborghini Aventador. His extravagant car collection reflects his impeccable taste, and they remain a point of interest for his hundreds of millions of fans worldwide.

Bugatti La Voiture Noire

Bugattis are considered among the most luxurious and expensive cars in the world, and Ronaldo owns four of them – including a Bugatti La Voiture Noire worth 8.5 million Euros.

In addition, CR7’s collection of Bugattis includes a Bugatti Chiron, a Bugatti Centodieci, and a Bugatti Veyron, with an approximate total cost of $13.2 million. Millions of fans from all over the globe follow the footballer and his Bugattis via his Instagram account.

A Rolls-Royce Phantom And A Rolls-Royce Cullinan

When people think of luxury vehicles, Rolls-Royce is usually at the top of the list, long favored by the wealthy. And when it comes to Ronaldo, he owns two of them: the Rolls-Royce Phantom and Rolls-Royce Cullinan, with a total cost of approximately $1.3 million.

At least one of his Rolls-Royce vehicles was a gift from his partner, ringing up at around $370,000.

Bentleys (Plural)

With a total cost of around $532,000, the Al Nassr star has acquired two of the most appealing Bentleys, including the Bentley Continental GT and Bentley Flying Spur.

As we’ve observed before, Bentleys are the epitome of quiet luxury. Even in pairs.

A Lamborghini Aventador

The Lamborghini Aventador is famed for its unique and extravagant appearance, and Ronaldo has furnished his garage with this $318,000 beast.

Ronaldo has been spotted many times with his girlfriend, driving his coveted Lamborghini Aventador on the roads and enjoying the breeze. In contrast with his Bentleys, the Lamborghini Aventador could be considered an example of “loud luxury” – but it nevertheless is an impressive vehicle that always turns heads.

McLaren Senna

Named after the famed Brazilian Formula One driver Ayrton Senna (in an exclusive partnership with the McLaren brand) a McLaren Senna costs a whopping $1 million apiece – a price tag that’s perhaps less prohibitive for football legends. The model was specifically designed to “achieve faster lap times” in races, matching Ronaldo’s speed on the pitch.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner’s taste in luxury vehicles is diverse, and the McLaren Senna is just one of the impressive fleet in his garage.

Furious Ferraris

To complete this luxurious lineup, let’s talk about Ferraris. Master of the field and slayer of hearts, Cristiano Ronaldo has three fantastic Ferraris. They include the Ferrari F430, the Ferrari 599 GTB, and the Ferrari 599 GTO, with an approximate total cost of about $995,000.

Here’s where it gets interesting: Ronaldo could have owned one more Ferrari, but legend has it that the Maestro once lost a bidding battle to his field rival Lionel Messi in a heated rush to purchase a Ferrari 355 S Spider Scaglietti.

Living The Ultimate Dream

The collection of Cristiano Ronaldo’s cozy villas and luxurious cars goes to show that if you’re dedicated to your craft, just make up your mind and start moving forward. Eventually, you’ll find your destiny – and if you’re really lucky, a couple of Italian villas and sportscars. This once unknown football fan has journeyed a long way to reach where he is now, and Ronaldo seems to be living his ultimate dream life.

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