Cristiano Ronaldo’s Viral Image Takes China by Storm

The 38-year-old striker used chopsticks when attending a party in China on January 22.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates at Al Nassr were recently invited to attend a party in the Glory Soccer Tour series of events in China. Fans recorded the Portuguese superstar using chopsticks. Instead of picking, the former MU star used chopsticks to skewer the food. In addition, the superstar, born in 1985, also expressed his interest in the traditional dishes of the country.

“So funny,” one fan enjoyed. “I’m excited to see Ronaldo eating like an Arab,” said the second fan. “Ronaldo has been to China but is still not used to using chopsticks,” said a third person.

After eating, Ronaldo interacted with fans. Here, he received a special gift from a fan who had traveled nearly 4,000 kilometers. The photo is elaborately assembled from memorable moments in the career of the superstar born in 1985.

Previously, Saudi Arabian media reported that Ronaldo was suffering from a minor injury and needed about 2 weeks to recover. This means it is difficult for him to play in two friendly matches with Al Nassr in China. Even the possibility of CR7 facing Lionel Messi in the Al Nassr match against Inter Mimai on February 2 is still open.

Cristiano Ronaldo was injured and needs at least two weeks to recover. Therefore, the 38-year-old striker may not attend the China tour at the end of January and the friendly match with Inter Miami on February 2.

At this time, fans in China are waiting and hoping that Ronaldo only has a minor injury and will still join Al Nassr on the tour. Previously, the reigning runner-up had scheduled friendly matches with a number of clubs in the billion-dollar country

On February 1, Al Nassr also faced Inter Miami. This could be the last encounter between superstars Ronaldo and Messi on the field.

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