Cristiano Ronaldo dresses up as a beggar to surprise and play football with kids in Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Ballon d’Or winner, emphasized his connection with his fans by dressing up as a beggar in Madrid before playing football with children. Ronaldo, dressed in a fat suit with a false mustache, beard, and wig, showed off his humorous side by doing kick-ups with youngsters in downtown Madrid’s popular Plaza de Callao.

The football superstar, known for his on-field brutality, took a break to interact with fans more playfully. As he disclosed his true identity, the public rallied around Ronaldo, who is widely recognized as one of the world’s best players.

This nice gesture contrasts with Ronaldo’s recent on-field behavior, when he was sent off for harsh conduct in Real Madrid’s La Liga match against Cordoba. The Portuguese forward then apologized on Twitter for his actions.

Cristiano Ronaldo, disguised as a beggar, plays football with a young youngster in Madrid Square. – Mirror online.

On the brighter side, Ronaldo’s colleague Gareth Bale joked that he could beat Ronaldo in a foot race, adding to the team’s togetherness.

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