Cristiano Ronaldo Junior, the Young Star, Continues to Thrill Fans with Heartwarming Photo Series Alongside His Real Superstar Dad

The dashing superstar is one of the players who updates their photos on personal pages the most, especially Instagram. Every day, CR7 shows off at least one photo, in which this son is also a character that appears quite often.

Father and son C. Ronaldo always has funny and lovely poses that make fans excited and excited.

The places Real Superstar and boy Cristiano Ronaldo Junior like to take pictures the most are in the gym…

…and in bed when he sends good night wishes to the fans.

Father and son with different expressions when listening to music.

son continues his career. C. Ronaldo shared, the lovely boy wrapped his father and grandmother, rarely asked about his mother.

Cristiano Ronaldo Junior is said to have two mothers, one who donates an egg for fertilization and the other who is pregnant. However, the 31-year-old superstar’s family denied this information.

There is also information that the boy is the result of CR7’s one-night stand with a woman in the US.

In a recent autobiography, C. Ronaldo’s mother shared that her son told her to go to a private hospital in Miami to pick up her grandson while he was competing in the 2010 World Cup

The real star is still busy with training and playing, all the care and upbringing of Cristiano Ronaldo Junior is done by his mother, Mrs. Dolores, and two sisters.

When his son is older, CR7 is more attached to him and is not upset when the young boy admires rival Messi.

From the day he became a father, the Portuguese superstar also behaved maturely, not impulsively with arrogant and shocking statements like before.

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