Tourist Notices Sweet Kitten Near Burger King Entrance and Stops to Help

A tourist noticed a sweet kitten near a Burger King entrance and immediately stopped to help.

About two weeks ago, a Good Samaritan who was traveling through NYC, caught sight of a ginger blur of fur whirling in a parking area, near the entrance of a Burger King. She stopped to investigate.

She saw a stray kitten with pleading eyes bounding up to her for pets. He was just skin and bones, covered in grime, with one eye swollen and cloudy. He was wary of his surroundings but couldn’t resist his urge to seek affection.

The kind tourist lowered herself to his level and extended her arm to the kitten, inviting him to sniff.

stray ginger kitten

The kitten plopped down on the ground and wriggled in delight as she stroked his fur, but his street-honed fear made him skittish at every sound from nearby traffic.

Torn between his desire for touch and his fear of the unknown, he darted back and forth between her outstretched arm and the safety of the bushes.

snuggly stray kitten

Her soft and reassuring voice coaxed the kitten back to her side. He leaned into her touch, his back arched against her.

Hoping to get the deserving kitten a fresh start and a safe place that night, the finder asked around and sought help from a local animal rescue, Puppy Kitty NY City. She couldn’t bear to leave the tabby out to fend for himself, especially when he was so close to traffic.

kitten hungry shy

The rescue rallied support to help the kitten and arranged a comfy space for him. The finder scooped him up, bade farewell to the street, and set off on an Uber ride to his new haven.

After a long day, the kitten, named Zesty, plunged into a plate of food, devouring it with gusto. He longed for love, but the harsh realities of the streets had made him jumpy and twitchy.

kitten hungry eating food

Nurtured by good rest and food, he began to relax his guard as he settled into the cozy rhythms of indoor life.

Zesty was cleaned up and treated for a mild cold. After a few days of nourishment and recuperation, his true personality unfurled, revealing a loving and loyal companion.

sweet ginger kitten snuggles

Gone was the shy, jumpy kitten he had once been, replaced by a confident and relaxed feline who showered every volunteer with affection.

Though one of his eyes has some permanent damage, he doesn’t need surgery and can live a normal life as any other cat. “Besides a cloudy eye, he is literally perfect,” the rescue shared with Love Meow.

kitten snuggly zesty

True to his name, Zesty lives each day to the fullest. He is always up for a cuddle and loves to be the center of attention.

If he isn’t rolling around demanding rubs, he is likely batting at a toy or curled up in a cozy bed, savoring the simple pleasures of life.

sweet ginger kitten

Thanks to the kindness of the tourist and Puppy Kitty NY City, Zesty knows that tomorrow will bring another day of love, fun, and good food.

sweet ginger tabby kitten

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