Cats Embark on a 38-Kilometer Journey to Visit Former Neighbor Who Once Provided Food.

Cupid, a two-year-old red-haired kitty, vanished, leaving his family inconsolable. All day, Cupid was in his customary spots, but when lunchtime arrived, he wasn’t there, which made everyone quite anxious.

India Redman, a local of Bournemouth, England, was determined to find her cat and was prepared to go to any lengths to do so. She had no idea that her cat had wandered off on a lengthy journey in quest of the treats left by her former neighbor.

Before that, his family began the search, and they put up signs throughout the neighborhood to find his whereabouts. With the help of her father, India drove around the neighborhood and nearby places to see if she could find him.

They published information about the lost cat on social media in the hopes that someone might have seen it. As a result, after three days of looking, someone contacted them to say they had found the cat at home. However, when they got there, it had vanished.

The desperate hunt for Cupid continued, and the good news began to trickle in when a woman contacted India online.

India said, according to Metro:

“A lady sent a message with a picture of a ginger cat she had seen near her house, asking us to call her if that was Cupid.”

Cupid’s mother was excited and jumped out of her bed to call the lady. After talking and sharing details, they confirmed that it was him.

The cat’s lengthy journey to Odstock, Wiltshire, the home of the woman who spoke with the family, is unexpected. What is even more astonishing is that Odstock is Cupid’s hometown and is only two homes away from the location where it was originally found.

The kitten, who had evidently used its sense of direction to locate its previous home, arrived there to find no one familiar because the old family had left. Because of this, he thought of a neighbor who often offered him goodies when he went for a stroll and made the decision to visit him.

When they crossed paths again, India claimed that although the neighbor had not remembered at the time, she had found it moving to learn. India was finally reunited with Cupid, but she couldn’t believe the journey her cat had taken to reach her village.

From India:

It’s such a wild and fascinating tale all at once.

India was overjoyed to have located her mischievous cat, but he appeared to be really content and proud of his solo stroll.

The woman thinks that her cat did not return home because it was too far away, so she decided to go to another place that was familiar to her. In this way, she reached her birthplace, and she took the opportunity to remember her roots and visit her old friend and neighbor.

After several days missing and a long walk of 38 kilometers, Cupid was back home, safe and sound.

Fortunately, everything turned out for the better, and as a result of this major scare, India will now be more conscious of Cupid’s intentions.

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