Cat Came Bounding Up to a Rescuer as He was Ready to Start the Good Life He Deserves

A cat came bounding up to a rescuer as he was ready to start the good life he deserves.

Early this month, Puppy Kitty NY City, an animal rescue, was contacted about an abandoned cat needing help. Marty, a tabby cat who used to live in a store, was left outside to fend for himself.

Marty was given up and injured, wandering the streets, trying to survive on his own. Yet, he continued to be incredibly friendly towards people. He ran up to them, begging for attention and food.

He stared at them with pleading eyes, and as soon as someone talked to him, he trotted up and offered snuggles.

stray cat street

When a volunteer rescuer arrived, he came bounding up to them, rubbing against their legs, trying to win them over.

Marty was beyond ready to leave the outdoors and move into a cozy new home. He left the streets with his rescuer without a fuss and never looked back.

friendly stray tabby cat

The tabby had scars on his ear and missing fur on his tail. The vet discovered bruises on his abdomen, most likely caused by brute force. He received much-needed medical attention, plenty of good food, and all the attention he wanted.

They were amazed by how forgiving and affectionate he was. That night, Marty slept soundly with a full belly in a safe home.

sleeping tabby cat

“Marty is the absolute sweetest cat. He’s confident, cuddly, and will be the perfect companion,” Puppy Kitty NY City shared.

He quickly became one of the favorites at the rescue, constantly seeking attention and pets from volunteers and visitors. Despite what he’d gone through, he never stopped trusting.

tabby cat sweet

“Marty is a handsome boy with an old soul. He prefers to lounge next to his person rather than play and cause mischief. He has a piercing stare that makes you question your life decisions in a good way.”

The tabby boy has healed up beautifully in foster care.

happy chill tabby cat

Marty has rediscovered his playful side with the help of catnip toys.

As much as he loves his toy collection, Marty adores the company of his people more than anything in the world. He would spend every second with them if he could.

playful tabby cat

“Marty has a very sweet and chill demeanor. He is very docile and full of love. He loves to follow you around the house and talk to you.”

He gives his undivided attention to whoever is speaking.

tabby cat sweet

He is the most dedicated couch buddy and keeps his people company when they watch TV. Marty is a great listener, a chatterbox, and eager to please. He’s always ready to offer a purr and a snuggle.

cat couch lounging

“He would be perfect as a first cat for someone who needs a good companion.”

Despite a rough start, Marty remains a ray of sunshine, bringing joy and snuggles wherever he goes.

couch tabby cat

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