Magical Moments: 40 Photographs Of Dogs In Iceland

Anne is a professional dog photographer living in a beautiful region of Austria called Salzkammergut with many lakes and mountains. Since she was little she has loved animals and nature, and her fascination led to her current hobby of capturing the beauty of nature together with dogs through her photography.

Anne has two rescue dogs, Yuri and Finn and she always aspired to follow her dream of taking photos of dogs in Iceland. Due to quarantine restrictions, her efforts have been a little restricted but despite this, she has managed to get in touch with other dog owners, visit the beautiful landscapes and take amazing photos while ensuring the pooches are always safe despite how it may look slightly dangerous. Scroll below to check out the results of her efforts in this magical blend of fairytale Iceland with adorable furry companions as the models.

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#1 Magical Mood At Vestrahorn With Kjolle

#2 The Best Artist Is Nature Itself

#3 Hidden Waterfall At Þakgil

#4 Little Lion King – Mr. Fayro In Front Of Kvernufoss

#5 Big Waves At The Black Beach

#6 Red Stones Of Rauðhólar

#7 Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Beautiful Húgó

#8 A Place Full Of Magic – Jökulsárlón

#9 Impressive Skógafoss

#10 Sundown At Reynisfjara With Ynia

#11 Kíra And Húgó


#13 Little Ice Bear Húgó At Diamond Beach

#14 Ice Cave Near Katla


#16 The Last Sunray – Ynia

#17 The Sun Always Shines After The Storm

#18 Misty Mood At The Blue Lagoon

#19 Burning Sky At Dyrhólaey

#20 Blue Hours At The Black Beach

#21 Nora At Blue Lagoon

#22 Sansa At Jökulsárlón

#23 Black Columns And Lotta

#24 Sunrise At Reynisfjara

#25 Freyja In The Endless Dreamy Mossy Fields

#26 Húgó In Front Of Seljalandsfoss

#27 Close To Katla

#28 Eva On The Ice Blocks

#29 Morning Dust At Blue Lagoon

#30 Myrkvi At Fairytale Gljúfrabúi

#31 Blue Sky Above Iceland

#32 Húgó At Skógafoss

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