Man Saved What He Thought Was Kitten Until He Saw the Big Paws

Man Saved What He Thought Was Kitten Until He Saw the Big Paws

A few weeks ago, Mathieu Patry from Quebec, Canada was on his way to work one morning when he came across a tiny animal that looked like a kitten. As he got closer, he was surprised by what he discovered.

Mathieu was on a wooded trail when he stumbled upon the little furry creature on the side of the path. “I thought at first it was a kitten. So I decided to approach it to get a better look, and that’s when I saw those big paws and round ears,” Mathieu told Love Meow.

Those distinct features indicated that this feline was not a house cat, but a wild animal who was somehow separated from his mom. “I realized that it was a Canadian Lynx,” he added.

Mathieu was not sure if the mother Lynx was nearby or the baby had been abandoned, so he decided to leave the Lynx where he was and hoped that the mother would come back for him. He went on his day but couldn’t get the Lynx off his mind.

“I went back the next day to see if he was still there, and I could hear his cries from the distance,” he told Love Meow.

Mathieu waited a little longer before he knew it was time to intervene. He was afraid that the Lynx kitten might not survive on his own. “He must have been the weakest of his litter so the mother abandoned him.”

He found the Lynx near a tree, scooped him up and carried him home. “I called a wildlife rehabber at a local zoo for help,” Mathieu said.

Once he got in touch with the experts, he was given instructions to feed and care for the Lynx for the day.

Mathieu kept a close eye on the little one at night to make sure that he was OK.

“The next day I took him to the zoo,” Mathieu told Love Meow.

It turned out that the Lynx was very young and wouldn’t have made it much longer on his own. Now with help from the rehabbers, the Lynx is back on track and doing very well. Once he is ready, he will be released back into the wild.

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