Cat with ‘Tight Pants’ Tries to Charm Every Person at Animal Shelter by Holding Their Hand

A cat with “tight pants” tried to charm every person at an animal shelter by holding their hand.

Last month, five cats were rescued from a condemned house and brought to Exploits Valley SPCA for a chance at a better life.

One of the cats named Ma came with patches of missing fur on her legs. “They were all covered in urine and waste, but Ma ended up with the worst of it,” Exploits Valley SPCA shared.

While other cats tried to decompress in their new space, Ma decided to seek attention from staff by beckoning with her paws.

friendly cat snuggles

Ma eventually lost almost all the fur on her legs due to urine scalding, but with treatment, she felt much better, started to heal, and her personality shone through.

“Her fur being gone shows off her skinny little legs and makes it look like she’s wearing bell bottoms.”

cat holding hands paws

“Ma is one who is extra flamboyant with her feet, too. She is always using her paws to hold your hand closer for attention. She can’t get enough love.”

The vet estimated her to be six years old and assumed she was the mother of the four other cats who came with her. “She is incredibly lovable and a stage-5 clinger who literally holds your hand.”

shelter cat hold hands

Once the cats were moved into a furnished suite, where they could roam around freely, Ma was determined to charm every person who walked through the door.

“Imagine being in the shelter, and you turn around to see this little thing staring at you with her tight pants on.”

cat beckoning attention

While waiting for her fur to grow back, she sported a cute look, turning heads at the shelter along with her meows and beckoning paw.

She gazed at every visitor intently and waved her little paw at them, asking for their hand.

cat waving skinny arm

She then rubbed their hand against her face repeatedly, basking in the love. If the person walked away, she would follow them around, dolphin-diving into their hand for more pets.

After a few weeks in the shelter, Ma had won over the hearts of all the staff members and many people across the internet.

shelter cat hug hand

A family stumbled upon Ma on social media and fell head over heels for the sweet girl. They contacted the shelter and hoped for a chance to adopt her.

It turned out to be the perfect fit. The adopter made a 10-hour journey to the shelter, and Ma instantly captivated their hearts by grabbing their hand and holding it tight.

cat with skinny legs

They left the shelter that day with Ma in a cozy carrier, taking her to her forever home. “Ma is now known as Juniper (Junie) and is already settling into her happily ever after.”

She is pleased to have a house to run around in and large windows to watch her daily feline entertainment.

cat window watching

She adores her people, holds hands with them, and showers them with endless face snuggles. Junie has also met her new feline sibling, and the two are getting along swimmingly.

cat forever home

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