A Closer Look At LeBron James’ Awesome Tropical Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

LeBron James Lamborghini Aventador has a custom wrap inspired by the inside of his Nike commission shoes, making it incredibly outlandish.

Fans of basketball and the NBA will no doubt be ecstatic that LeBron James has just broken the NBA all-time scoring record. This sees him surpass the previous record set by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, which stood at 38,387. James’s record now stands at 38,390. While LeBron James is most famous for his basketball achievements, he is also quite the car fan. That is obvious with the rather incredible Lamborghini Aventador Roadster that makes up part of his collection.James has around 15 cars in his personal collection but it is the Aventador that takes center stage. Not least because it is also wrapped up in a rather outstanding finish, taking custom finishes a step beyond the rest. It’s not exactly a car that will appeal to everyone, but it’s certainly not one you won’t miss. That alone makes it an incredibly interesting machine.

A Special Commission Created The Aventador’s Mediterranean Wrap

The first thing that catches your eye with James Aventador is the rather outlandish wrap that it is in. The wrap for this car took its inspiration from the Kings Pride LeBron XI that were also released by Nike in 2013. These were special Nike shoes commissioned by James, and he decided that they would serve as the inspiration for his at the time new Aventador. Thus, a rather outlandish Mediterranean wrap was then applied to the Lamborghini. As you would expect, this was a one-of-one finish for a Lamborghini.

The Aventador is now wrapped in a print of Mediterranean flowers, with hues of soft green and pink interlaced across the body. Definitely not a finish that will appeal to the masses. The wrap itself actually matches with the inside of those Nikes shoes, which shows how outlandish the shoes themselves actually are. Many wealthy celebrities who have exotic cars will go for some crazy finish. But James has elevated the game with his Aventador. As you might imagine, the wrap was not a cheap one and was actually performed to the highest standards, befitting of a Lamborghini.

LeBron’s Aventador Is A Truly One Of A Kind Creation

The wrap itself was a special commission from Lou La Vie. This is an exotic car rental company. They dubbed the wrap job the “Reverse Kings Pride”, with the reverse of course from the fact it is the inside of the shoes. The design was also a collaboration with Rich B Caliente and Toys for Boys Miami, meaning a lot of work went into this rather spectacular wrap job. The finished car was also shown off back in 2013 at the 1111 Experience ran by Nike downtown in Miami, the perfect place to showcase the car.

Of course, we know that this is not a cheap car. When he purchased the car, it was also reported that he had spent a staggering $670,000 on the custom Aventador. To put that into some context, in 2019 a base Aventador S Roadster cost $460,247. So we can only speculate as to what else James had done to the car. And of course just how much that outlandish wrap job cost him. When you have the money he has though, well you might as well spend it on anything you want and do it in a big way.

The Aventador’s Wrap Is Really Not For The Purist

Purists will bemoan the wrap that James has put on the car. It’s easy to see why. It is quite loud and outlandish, while also not exactly being something you would expect to see on a Lamborghini. It does somewhat take away from the overall appearance of the Italian supercar. The wrap covers up pretty much the entire body of the car, with a few details such as the front bumper and fender area in black. As is part of the rear, which also shows off the Nike logo.

There are other notable additions to the wrap as well. These include the logo for Toys for Boys, as well as that of Rich B Caliente with his signature on show on parts of the car. As outlandish as this wrap is, we have to admit that the work done on the car is very precise.

The Most Expensive Car In LeBron James Collection

James has plenty of other cars in his collection. This includes cars such as the Rolls-Royce Phantom, a Mercedes-Maybach 57S and even the rather tiny bit more mundane, the Kia K900. Although that is still a luxury car. But at nearly $700,000 the Aventador with its custom paint job is clearly the most expensive car that James has in his ownership. It is an impressive car and one of the fastest that Lamborghini has ever made. But equally, we can see why it is such a polarizing looking car to so many people.

Credits: Henry Kelsall / Hotcars

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