A Peek Inside Michael Schumacher’s Car Collection

There are plenty of racecar drivers who drive boring grocery getters or mini-vans off the track. Schumacher definitely wasn’t one of those.

The debate about the greatest drivers in the history of motorsport is a vicious one. No matter your preference, Formula One drivers are going to end up as a part of the argument. Within that field, you’ll hear names like Senna, Prost, and Hamilton. All of which are incredible drivers that deserve the fame connected to them.

Ultimately, none of them can match one man in terms of overall Formula One championships and that man is none other than Michael Schumacher. As we all know, Michael suffered a severe brain injury in a freak skiing accident on December 29th of 2013. Since then he hasn’t been seen in public. His family has been very quiet and private about his condition and care.

We have heard that he is conscious recently but beyond that, his overall condition is mostly unknown. One thing we do know is that he loved cars. He loved them so much that he actually took possession of many of the F1 cars that he drove over the course of his career. Let’s take a look at some of those and others in his incredible collection.

16. Bugatti EB110

Formula One legend Michael Schumacher’s Bugatti EB 110 SS (Sport Stradale) had gone up for sale in 2010. Only 33 units are believed to have been produced. The banana-yellow car was registered to him and is said to be in better-than-new condition. It is the only one with an EB 110 GT luxury interior. Schumacher apparently hardly ever used the car.

The EB 110 SS was based on the EB 110 which was unveiled in 1991. It is lighter and more powerful than its daddy, featuring the same 3.5-litre quad-turbo V12 and 6-speed manual transmission. But instead of 412 kW (553 bhp / 561 PS) the SS was good for 450 kW (603 bhp / 611 PS) at 8,000rpm and a 0 – 100km/h time of 3.2 seconds.

15. 1988 Formel Ford

One of his favorite cars was the first open-wheel racecar he ever drove. This Ford racecar was from the part of his career before Formular one and he has kept it in his stable ever since he used it to springboard his career into the stratosphere.

14. Sauber – Mercedes C291

This Sauber-Mercedes is one of the few closed cockpit racecars that is famous all by itself. Add to it an all-time great like Michael Schumacher and you can see why it was such a dangerous combination for the rest of the field.

13. 1991 Jordan 191

This Jordan F1 car was Michael’s very first Formula One car. Look how low they were back then with those sparks flying up from under the body. If you look at other photos from the same era it seems they’re always spitting sparks.

12. Ferrari F310

This F310 began a partnership for the ages. This was the very first Ferrari that Schumacher ever drove in Formula One. Imagine all the hopes the guy in this photo had. He made them all reality.

11. Ferrari FXX

The FXX was for all intents and purposes a Ferrari Enzo built for track use only. That makes it cool but what makes it cooler is that Schumacher himself had a hand in its development.

10. F1-2000

The F1-2000 set a new precedent for Ferrari and their F1 team. It was a new design that ended up helping Michael achieve his third championship and the first overall win for Ferrari in 21 years.

9. Ferrari Enzo

The Enzo was a massive success in every way. Once again Mr. Schumacher had some input on the development and owned this red example from the moment it came off the assembly line.

8. F1-2004 (Highest Point Total Ever)

In 2004 his team set a new record for their highest point total ever over the course of the season. He won 13 races that season and picked up his 5th straight championship and 7th overall. All those records with one car.

7. Mercedes SLS AMG

The SLS started a new wave of amazing sports cars with a totally new attitude. Michael took advantage of his relationship with Mercedes to assist in this car’s development as well and then took delivery of his very own not long after.

6. F1-2002

The F1-2002 was the most dominant F1 car in more than a couple of decades. It only lost one race that season and that was at the always tempestuous Monaco. They were so dominant that the team was directing the drivers to overtake each other at times to ensure specific finishes.

5. Ferrari 599 GTB

The 599 GTB was a stylistic change for Ferrari. Michael Schumacher appreciated it so much that he’s seen here touting the new body and technology housed within. He actually owns at least 3 of these.

4. 430 Scuderia

The 430 is an incredible Ferrari. The car in his personal collection is actually the Scuderia version. Scuderia is Italian for stable and refers to Ferraris that are just one step away from being race legal.

3. California

The Ferrari California is almost an entry-level Ferrari in many people’s eyes but Michael appreciated the wonderful V8 and the ability to drop the top and be out in the sunshine at the push of a button. While the 599 had more power it also wasn’t going to be as comfortable as this car.

2. 248 F1 (His Last Ferrari F1)

Time takes a toll on us all and in 2006 Schumacher drove his last season for Ferrari. This 248 was a strong competitor but never was capable of stomping the competition in the same ways that earlier cars could.

1. Mercedes GP F1 (His Last Team)

After a brief hiatus, Michael returned and drove for Mercedes to finish his career out. The cars had stretched and become far different than when he began his career. Sadly he was never capable of taking podiums by storm the way he had been in years past. Nevertheless, he appreciated the car enough to take his personal car home and keep it to this day.

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