Kim Kardashian’s wrecked 2022 Range Rover is up for sale for $100K

Kim Kardashian’s Range Rover from about a year and a half ago is all of a sudden hitting the open market all the way across the country — and it looks like it’s been in an accident.

The listing featuring her old ride — a silver 2022 model that was pimped out with custom rims and all — popped up on a Carfax listing this week … and as you can see, it’s pretty smashed up from front to back. The bumpers are off, and the airbags are deployed.

Aside from the similar look to the car Kim once drove, the actual license plate matches up too … and TMZ checked DMV records as well on this, and she’s listed as a previous owner.

Now, it’s being sold all the way over in Florida by a company called Elite Motor Cars of Miami — which is using Carfax to unload this thing (damaged and all) and they’re asking for a bundle … listing it for just under $100k. That’s right … you can take it as is for that price!

Now, as for how the hell KK’s whip ended up on some random lot in Miami — we have answers for that too. Sources with direct knowledge tell us the vehicle had been driven by a former Kim K staffer who got into an accident at some point last year … driving solo.

We’re told nobody was hurt, but that in the aftermath of that … Kim and co. sold it to a 3rd party who took it over — and who is now apparently trying to flip it.

Remember, Kim has driven this thing pretty consistently all over L.A. throughout the past year and change. She received it as a birthday gift from her mom, Kris Jenner, in Oct. 2022 … and then got it customized by a place here in town called Platinum Motorsports.

At the time, reports had this thing pegged in value at about $125k. Looks like it’s still worth quite a lot even after getting wrecked — at least that’s how the new owners feel, anyway.

We’ll see if anyone coughs up that kinda dough for this. In the meantime — drive safe, y’all.

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