L.A. based YouTuber covers his Lamborghini Huracan with 30,000 LEDs and proudly calls it the Las Vegas Sphere on wheels

If you’re on Instagram, you might be aware of the latest trend of covering cars with LED lights to celebrate Christmas and spread some holiday cheer. However, famous influencer Alex Choi went a little overboard with this new trend and decided to cover his Lamborghini Huracan with a whopping 30,000 LEDs. He ended up building the brightest and most distracting Lamborghini in the world. If you follow Alex, you would be familiar with his antics and his wild twin-turbocharged Lamborghini Huracan. It’s the same Lambo he used last year to tow another Lamborghini on a trailer. In addition to his tricked-out Huracan, Alex also owns a McLaren 720S that he decked out in Christmas lights last year.

Coming to Alex’s latest video, Alex had the entire exterior of his custom Lamborghini Huracan clad in approximately 30,000 RGB LEDs, which includes the flared wheel arches, the roof scoop, and the massive rear wing. While the YouTuber didn’t go into much detail about the setup or its installation, the LEDs appear to be operated by a bunch of different controllers that give them the ability to operate in sync. Not only do the LED lights produce stunning patterns accentuating the curves of the Lambo, but they also produce low-resolution graphics, which is quite cool.

Alex hit the streets after converting his Huracan into a fire-breathing LED display. He even gets a green signal from his lawyer, who confirms that no laws are broken with the modification. An unexpected spell of California rain caused some issues for the glowing Huracan, with some of the LED strips malfunctioning. However, the problem is apparently solved with the good-old tapping with the hand method. The video then proceeds to show Alex meeting with 20 of his followers, who have also covered their cars in Christmas lights.

The group then heads to mountain roads just outside of LA to make some really cool night videos and end the meet by forming a big circle with different cars performing donuts in the middle. Have a look at the video; it’s crazy!

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