61-Yo, Grandma thought aging was all about living with a “Lot of Pain” until she started weight training

The 61-year-old granny Monica Bousquet is defying age by competing in professional bodybuilding contests. A few days ago, she participated in the NPC Masters Brazil, and to everyone’s surprise, secured second place. Bousquet has become an inspiration for others by proving age is just a number. After bagging a silver trophy, the fitness influencer shared an update regarding her health.

Bousquet revealed that before she began her fitness journey she suffered from chondromalacia commonly known as runner’s knee. This painful condition made the cartilage in her knee joint soft and caused big problems for her. Let’s find out what helped her overcome this condition.

Monica Bousquet’s revelation on her knee condition

Monica Bousquet took to her Instagram and shared how she coped with the issues she had with her knees while pursuing her dream of bodybuilding. In the beginning, other than the pain she went through, the condition also made her suffer from stress. The bodybuilder, however, was of the belief that this was happening due to aging.

In her latest Instagram post, she uploaded a snippet of her workout routine and revealed in her caption, “I have been training for 7 years, in 2017 I was overweight and grade IV chondromalacia in both knees. At that moment I felt sad, fragile, and believed that that was just how aging was.”

According to Busquets, she wanted to transform her life but saw no prospects for the same. This changed when she started walking the path of fitness and when “weight training” captivated her. Besides, she also started focusing increasingly on eating correctly and having a good sleep.

It not only helped her overcome the condition she had, but also transformed her body and mind. Bousquet has always been about her issues. Earlier, she had discussed the struggles she faced with her weight.

Bousquet suffered from weight balance!

Bousquet talked about how for her whole life she fought with weight balance. Her relationship with weight and body was never good, and this was also in her genetics because her father was obese. Regardless of the hurdles, she was determined to live a healthier life and began her transformation in her 50s.

Now, the fitness enthusiast works out six days a week, continuing her rigorous training without any hiccups. Bousquet continues to remain an inspiration that reminds one that fitness is not just for those who are considered ‘young,’ but for anyone who wants to walk the path of transforming their body.

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