35 Times Thanksgiving Brought Joy To People And They Shared On Social Media

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, family, and delicious feasts. While the holiday is often associated with traditional gatherings, turkey dinners, and pumpkin pies, sometimes it’s the unexpected moments that make the day truly special.

This year, social media has been flooded with heartening stories of individuals who experienced surprising and wholesome Thanksgiving moments that they couldn’t help but share with the world. Let’s take a look at some people who were pleasantly surprised with heartwarming moments during this Thanksgiving season.

#1 My Wife’s Family Made Fun Of Me For Wanting Green Bean Casserole At Thanksgiving Because They All Hated It. My Father-In-Law Felt Bad And Secretly Made Some For Me Anyway

Image source: MadSmatter

#2 “Coworkers, How Was Your Thanksgiving? Me, Well, We Spent 45 Minutes Trying To Get This Photo, So I’d Say Pretty Great”

Image source: You_Are_A_10

#3 That’s One Way To Make Sure Your Guests Arrive On Time For Thanksgiving

Image source: reddit.com

It was definitely a bit of a stunt but these guys were really respectful of space – It was a 7 PM Sunday L from union square and was not crowded at all. They said it was an inclusive gesture to emphasize no one should go without food on Thanksgiving. They were loud but not rowdy or a nuisance. They even handed out plates to everyone in the car – I got one and the turkey was a solid 7/10 and collard 8.5/10. I’m glad I got to experience something like this. Makes a great story!

There were even MTA employees amongst us but no one objected.

#4 Meet Dexter, My Thanksgiving Kitten Surprise

Image source: chancespoonful

#5 Granny Has Arrived For Thanksgiving And Gus Is The Happiest Lap Dog In Town

Image source: Fishmike52

#6 Thankful This Thanksgiving To Be Tumor Free

Image source: kendraalexandria

#7 Professor Inviting Students Over For Thanksgiving

Image source: Bluemzv12

#8 Thanksgiving Dinner At The Shelter

Image source: MARLeague

#9 I Lost My Mom In April And My 15-Year-Old Daughter Stepped Up And Made Thanksgiving Dinner For Me, My Dad, And Her Brother Today. She Nailed It

Image source: scottjeffreys

#10 Thanksgiving Year 7. From Year 1 As Strangers, To Year 7 As Family

Image source: jamalhinton12jamalhinton12

#11 Landlord Seeks To Spread A Little Holiday Cheer

Image source: baycheyann

#12 A Neighbor I’ve Never Even Spoken To Saw That I Was Home Alone All Day On Thanksgiving And Brought Me This

Image source: dreamhours

#13 Meet Our Thanksgiving Miracle. She Made Us Work For It, But She Is Here And Healthy And We Are So Happy To Have Her In Our Lives

Image source: BruceInc

#14 The Turkey I Saved From Thanksgiving. His Name Is Fred

Image source: Will-I-Am-A-Gamer

#15 Daughter’s First Thanksgiving. Can’t Get Enough Of That Smile

Image source: thesoccerone7

#16 After Not Being Able To Go Home For Thanksgiving Because Of My Family Having Covid And Then Locking Myself Out Of My Apartment With My Roommates Being With Their Families Hours Away

Image source: papitabean

The only locksmith who picked up the phone also brought me a Thanksgiving dinner plate.

#17 My Father-In-Law Added His 2 Dogs To Our 2, Then Our Guests Today Brought Their 2 Dogs. Happy Thanksgiving From 6 Furry Friends

Image source: Hubbards_Handmade

#18 Two Strangers Offered To Bring Me Plates From Their Thanksgiving Meals

Image source: rcc52779

I posted in a local group asking which restaurants are open today and explained why I don’t think I can manage cooking right now (my husband is in hospital and my kids are visiting family). Instead, two incredible women, 100% strangers to me, said they’d bring me plates from their Thanksgiving meals.

#19 My Brother Passed Away The Weekend After Thanksgiving Leaving A 4-Year-Old Behind. The People At The Dealership He Worked At Donated All These Gifts To My Nephew

Image source: Jahmay

They are truly amazing people during these extremely tough times.

#20 My Sister Reminded Me Of How My Family Is Incapable Of Taking A Normal Picture At Thanksgiving

Image source: virtualpj

#21 This Guy Offering Extra Food To Anyone Who Needs Some On Thanksgiving

Image source: reddit.com

#22 My Ex-Wife Took My Son When He Was 3. He’s 8 Now. I Drove 1200 Miles To See Him For Thanksgiving And Made This. It’s Sparse, But I Feel More Like A Dad Than I Have In Years

Image source: Pliny_the_middle

“He said it’s not bad for my first time.”

#23 Emily Bugg And Her Fiancé Billy Decided To Forgo Their Big Wedding For An Intimate City Hall Ceremony, She Turned A Magical Day For Them Into A Wonderful Surprise For Many


Using their non-refundable catering deposit, Emily and Billy made Thanksgiving⁠⁠ dreams come true with meals for 200 people.

#24 Our Thanksgiving Tradition. My Son And I Put Together Little Care Packages To Share With Whoever Might Need Them When We Go To The City On Black Friday

Image source: dollarwaitingonadime

We talked about being fortunate and having a responsibility to share with others. Doing this was his idea.

#25 Mom Hasn’t Been Able To Eat For A Week And Is Still In The Hospital, Figured I’d Give Her Some Turkey For Thanksgiving. It Made Her Smile More Than She Has In Weeks

Image source: Hami_509

#26 My Dad Owns A Family Card Game Business. At The Bottom Of Every Rule Sheet, He Includes His Personal Cell Number So People Can Call If They Have Questions

Image source: JephriB

He happily answers every call himself, even when they come in at 10 PM on Thanksgiving. He’s my hero.

#27 My Orchestra Teacher Made My Class Personalized Thanksgiving Cards. He Drew The Pictures In His Own Style, Out Of A Bunch Of Different Thanksgiving Foods

Image source: Madisor03

“Madison, You are so talented and you continue to surprise me with your dedication and drive. Really? A cello made of jello? Swinney. 2020.”

#28 Spending Thanksgiving Alone And Working Every Year Can Be Rough. An Old Friend Just Dropped This Huge Spread At My House After My 12-Hour Shift. Can’t Stop Smiling

Image source: RichJMoney

#29 Texting Grandmother About Thanksgiving

Image source: nikamats

#30 My Neighbors Brought Me A “Plate” Since I Didn’t Go Anywhere For Thanksgiving

Image source: hbgbees

#31 My 80-Year-Old Neighbor Just Delivered This Care Package To My Dog And Me. I Had Told Her Earlier That I Was Laying Low For Thanksgiving

Image source: Johnny_Carcinogenic

And not doing a traditional dinner or visiting any family.

#32 I Found This Stray Cat In The Smokies On Thanksgiving Day

Image source: achieh7

Pictures after we got him into the car. He’s been fully vetted, defeated, dewormed, and microchipped. Do you think he’s a Siamese?

#33 After His First Thanksgiving

Image source: Emptydata_Enzo

#34 One Of My Friends Made Sure To Have A Dog Table For Thanksgiving

Image source: sagelface

#35 My Grandma Puts Up This Papier-Mâché Snowman I Made In Like First Grade Up Every Single Year. She Puts The Decorations Up Early

Image source: reluctantbunnyboy

So it’s decorated for when we have family over on Thanksgiving.

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