A Couple Celebrated Their 26th Anniversary Despite People Not Believing in Their Love

A concern for many parents is whether or not their children will be able to find a lifelong partner. And for those with kids who have learning disorders or disabilities, this is a more significant worry. But for Tommy and Maryanne, everything went so well, it looks like their story came out of a fairy tale.

Despite both Tommy and Maryanne having Down syndrome, the couple managed to celebrate their 26th anniversary.

Maryanne and Tommy first met in 1990 when they were 19 and 32, respectively. Their undeniable spark from the very beginning led to a truly special bond.

After more than a quarter of a century, the couple still continues to enjoy a happy marriage, cherishing moments of affection and creating incredible daily memories. Maryanne even mentioned that she expresses her love for her husband 3 times a day.

But not everything has been rainbows and flowers for them. Maryanne and Tommy’s love has defied the odds and critics. Despite some labeling Linda, Maryanne’s mom, a “bad mother” for allowing her daughter to get married, Linda sees her daughter finding love as the best thing she could have wished for.

Linda admires the honesty and truth in their relationship, wishing she could have experienced this love in her own life. Maryanne and Tommy’s “fairy tale” began when they met through fate while working at a local training center for people with disabilities — they shared a passion for cooking.

Sadly, Tommy was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and passed away in 2021. But Maryanne is finding companionship with her family now.

On a happy note, Maryanne and Tommy’s story isn’t the only successful one. Jad Issa also has Down syndrome, and he managed to raise a son and help him to become a doctor.

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