Undamaged ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Lamborghini Countach sells for $1.66M

Market value of $780,000, achieved its presale estimate of $1.5M to $2M

The tale of the two Lamborghinis from “The Wolf of Wall Street” took another turn this month. Two genuine examples of the 1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary Edition in Bianco Polo saw screen time. One made it through filming unscathed. The other, used to demonstrate how not sane and sober protagonist Jordan Belfort was during a drive home, ended up beat to pieces and undriveable, more art installation than car. The soap opera began back in August, when RM Sotheby’s announced it would auction the pristine example this month, December.

At the time, we didn’t know where the other car was. Not far into November, Bonhams solved the mystery in announcing it would auction the wrecked car at the end of that month during the season-ending Formula 1 race weekend in Abu Dhabi. Given the same pre-sale estimate as the working Lamborghini of $1.5M to $2M, the high bid came in at $1,350,000 during the Abu Dhabi auction. The consigner turned that sum down, the car didn’t sell.

The clean RM Sotheby’s car did sell, and on schedule, fetching $1.65M after fees on December 8 in New York City. Not bad for a vehicle Hagerty values at $780,000 in concours condition. Lamborghini only made about 660 of the Silver Anniversary coupes for global sales, 12 came to the U.S. in Bianco Polo. 

As for the car itself, RM Sotheby’s says the Maryland owner drove the car to New York for filming, and that this car was specced a bit differently than the second Lamborghini; this one wore the smaller European bumpers and its cabin had a black-and-white steering wheel, for instance. The owner had also removed the rear wing, which was put back on for the film. What the two cars shared was a With a 5.2-liter V12 making 449 horsepower and 370 pound-feet of torque, bolted to a five-speed manual transmission. The owner sold the coupe sometime after the film made its mark, the new owner — the consignor for the RM Sotheby’s auction — reinstalled a larger U.S.-spec bumper and kept the rear wing.

Now that the bar’s been set, we’re waiting for the second Countach to appear in an auction catalog. We suspect that consignor won’t turn down $1.35M a second time.

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