Check Out Travis Scott’s Outrageous Car Collection

Travis Scott’s insane car collection takes customizations to another level.

In a world of high-profile celebrities showing off their custom car collections, Travis Scott shines like the North Star. His line-up mostly composed of cool supercars is crushing the Kardashians, and closing in on Ye. Scott’s $5.5 million Bugatti has been getting some hot press following the Astroworld lawsuit. A more recent purchase that Travis has been blasting on social media is his Lamborghini Urus.

That SUV received major customizations from two well-known shops. Throw in another Lamborghini with the Aventador SVJ, a Mercedes G-Wagon, a Maybach G650, and a Ferrari LaFerarri to solidify his car collector clout.

The Latest Celebrity Car Trend

The new kid on the block is the Lamborghini Urus. The cool kids really like the new kid. Travis Scott especially, and enough to have it customized twice. You might be thinking he bought one for him and one for her, but no. He had a single example kitted with custom bodywork imported from Mansory in Germany, and installed by West Coast Customs in California to transform this super-SUV into another one of Scott’s Mocha gems. All of this set him back a reported $655,000.

More Mocha

Travis Scott loves this color so much it is on nearly every car in his collection. Two of his Lamborghini Aventadors, an SVJ, and an SV Roadster Custom, received the Mocha Brown treatment. The Aventador SVJ is one of 800 produced. It is equipped with a unique aero-vectoring system that provides all the confidence you need to handle anything at high speeds.

Travis had to post his love for this color like a billboard, so he slapped it on some larger bodies too. A twin-turbo 4.0L V8 making over 400 horsepower in a Mercedes-Benz G500 Cabriolet Custom is wrapped in the matte brown exterior. A 1-of-99 Maybach G650 Landaulet Custom is also covered in Mocha Brown. It sports massaging rear seats and champagne flutes for the album-breaking celebration ride home.

Love And Ferraris

Sorry, no mocha here. No generic red Ferraris either. Travis purchased a burnt orange Ferrari 488 GTB for himself to stick out from the crowd. This pushes 661 horsepower out of a 3.9L twin-turbo V8 power plant and keeps him separated from a field of red 458 Italias. He also purchased a black Ferrari LaFerrari for his love interest, Kylie Jenner, to the tune of $1.4 million.

It was surely impossible for him to resist test-driving the 6.3L V12 that puts down 963 horses for her. That equates to a 0-60 MPH in about 2.4 seconds, and a top speed of 217 MPH. He also went on to purchase a convertible version for himself. His white Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta rang up at over $3 million.

Bugatti Sings The Blues To Travis

At $5.5 million, Travis Scott’s Bugatti Chiron Super Sport is the crown jewel. We know he loves the Mocha Brown, but not on this 1-of-30 Chiron. It starts with a black exterior, but this time he went heavy with blue everywhere else. From the humongous blue brake calipers to an interior that matches the paint bucket exploded everywhere, you feel like you are swimming in the Caribbean.

Hopefully, Travis can pull focus away from the bright distraction of the interior to navigate that 1500-horsepower monster. An 8.0L W16 with quad-turbos paired to a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission pushes the car to 200 miles per hour in just under 15 seconds. Although designed to reach speeds over 300 miles per hour, these models were governed to only 273. However, they come equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires that are x-rayed at the factory to ensure they can handle 300+ miles per hour.

Travis Scott’s Car Collection Also Holds Humility

Apparently, Travis Scott likes to drive his Ford Ranger Raptor at night. That’s right, a $53,000 American mid-size pickup truck in a sea of 6-figure luxury imported automobiles. Travis also houses a humble $131,000 Range Rover with custom Forgiato Mocha Brown wheels and almost 600 horsepower.

He really likes Mocha Brown on his cars. To round out Scott’s entry-level garage you have an unexpecting, yet highly respected in the JDM car community, Toyota MR2. This car was placed in a New York City pop-up shop that the artist opened to promote his album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight.

Credits: Nyle Molina / Hotcars

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