Two-Owner 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

Classics with a known history are guaranteed to generate buyer interest, and this 1967 Ford Mustang 2+2 Fasback is no exception. It has attracted twenty-eight bids, suggesting buyers like what they see. The auction is approaching its conclusion, meaning people may need to act fast to give it a new home. The Fastback is listed here on eBay in Boaz, Alabama. The price sits below the reserve at $45,000, but the action suggests that it could change any time.

The 1967 model year brought the first significant update to the First Generation Mustang, as the company increased its dimensions to accommodate larger engines. Sales dropped significantly, although matching the previous year’s record was always going to be a tall order. It wasn’t a disaster, but no company will take a 22% decrease lightly. The seller is this Fastback’s second owner, although it is unclear how long they have been its custodian. They confirm it received a repaint in the 1980s in its original shade of Clearwater Aqua, which still presents well. The paint shines nicely, with any flaws or defects too minor to warrant a mention.

The panels are as straight as an arrow, and the car appears structurally sound. No rust issues are visible externally, and the underside shots show no glaring problems. There may be rust developing on the upper front inner fender wells, but that appears to be the only potential problem. The trim and glass are in good order, and the Mustang rolls on Torq Thrust wheels. A question mark hangs over that because some images show the car wearing steelies and hubcaps. The seller doesn’t mention this in their listing, making it a question worth asking.

This Mustang’s interior is presentable and has no serious problems for those seeking a driver-grade classic. Some painted surfaces are scratched and marked, but the Dark and Light Aqua vinyl is free from significant wear and physical damage. The kick panels are slightly scuffed, and there might be light carpet fading. However, the dash and pad are excellent, and there is no damaged plastic. The wheel wrap is the only visible addition, with air conditioning and the factory pushbutton radio guaranteeing that life on the move will be pleasant.

Ford carried over most of the Mustang’s mechanical equipment from 1966 to its updated 1967 model. This car features the C-Code 289ci V8, producing 200hp and 282 ft/lbs of torque. Those ponies feed to the rear wheels via a three-speed manual transmission, with the original owner passing on the luxury of power assistance for the steering and brakes. This isn’t the most potent Fastback on the planet, although its performance would satisfy most potential buyers. It is unclear whether the Mustang is numbers-matching, and no information is supplied about its mechanical health. However, it comes with a collection of original documentation tracing its history to Day One, and the visual indications are positive.

This 1967 Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback is unlikely to walk away with many show trophies in its current form, but that isn’t what this car is all about. It is a tidy and clean driver-grade classic that should provide decades of reliable and carefree motoring enjoyment. This is reflected in the bidding action. That confirms that people like what they see, and recent history suggests it must be getting close to hitting the reserve. Are you tempted to throw your hat into the ring, or will you sit back as an interested spectator to see how it develops?

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