Checkout This Hand-Built Mustang Hotrod With 625 Horsepower

In the world of automobiles, the term “hot rod” once invoked visions of American muscle and individual craftsmanship, but over time, the essence seemed to fade. Nowadays, when the phrase is mentioned, it often brings to mind a sea of Porsches, each a variation of the next, distinguished only by a change in color. However, there’s a resurgence of the true hot rod spirit, and it’s embodied in the unique creations coming out of Chris Ashton’s Ruffian Cars.

Every car enthusiast dreams of building their own hot rod, and Chris Ashton turned that dream into a reality with his 1970 Mustang project. A successful venture in computer games provided him with the resources and free time to pursue his passion for cars. Chris, a true car guy and a creative soul, found inspiration in the TransAm race series and decided to channel his energy into a killer project – the Ruffian Mustang which carries a 625-horsepower Chevy LS427 engine mated to a manual gearbox.

The folks from Top Gear recently had the opportunity to test drive this hand-built Mustang hotrod. Checkout the video below!

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