20 Families Had Previously Rejected An ‘Unusual’ Girl Before A Single Man Adopted Her

The heartwarming tale of this adorable duo began when tiny Alba, a mere 13 days old at the time, faced rejection from 20 prospective adoptive families.

The turning point in the story unfolded for 41-year-old Italian Luca Trapanese, who, when completing adoption paperwork, harbored doubts about the social services granting him legal parenthood. In his home country, it’s unusual for a single, homosexual man to be awarded custody. However, as others declined the opportunity to embrace a child with Down Syndrome, Luca eagerly welcomed Alba into his life, officially becoming her father.

From the moment Alba entered his world, Luca described himself as the happiest person alive. Reflecting on his unique situation, he emphasized its power to challenge stereotypes surrounding fatherhood, religion, and family.

Their journey commenced in 2017, captivating the hearts of many with Luca’s unwavering commitment. Luca, known for his compassionate nature, has actively participated in numerous social service programs over the years, dedicating his time to organizations assisting individuals with special needs. His involvement with the “A Ruota Libera” foundation, supporting children with Down Syndrome, played a crucial role in his decision to adopt despite being without a partner.

The adoption process posed challenges due to prevailing preferences for “traditional” families by agencies. Luca firmly asserted that choosing a disabled child was not a fallback but a deliberate decision aligned with his calling and capabilities.

Alba, a joyous child with a vibrant personality, revels in the company of others and delights in play and dance. The positive shift in societal perceptions regarding individuals with Down Syndrome is celebrated, recognizing their valuable contributions.

To Luca and Alba, we extend our heartfelt wishes for a future filled with the best life has to offer. Share this uplifting story with your loved ones on Facebook to spread the joy!

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