Kitten Left the Shelter After Being There for 3 Months, Now She Has What She Hoped for

A kitten left the shelter after being there for three months. Now, she has what she hoped for.

A calico named Juneau was the last kitten in her litter that needed a home. At around four months old, she had spent three-quarters of her life at the shelter.

Juneau was brought into Front Street Animal Shelter along with her mom and littermates. They were sickly, especially the kittens, and underwent intensive care for weeks until they recovered.

While her siblings and cat mom found their forever homes, Juneau was held back by lingering GI issues which prolonged her stay at the shelter. She begged for attention through the kennel door and couldn’t wait for someone to scoop her up.

cat shelter kitten

During that time, a family visited the little singleton and swooned at her pleading eyes and eager paws. They fell in love with her sweet-natured personality and put in an application to adopt her.

Hoping to speed up Juneau’s recovery, shelter staff wanted to give her some respite from the kennel. They began searching for a carer who could provide a foster home. Angela, a volunteer, stepped up to help.

unboxing kitten calico

While the kitten was in a box carrier during transport, Angela could hear purring coming from inside. Within seconds after unboxing, Juneau cranked up her purr engine, filling the room with her loud rumble.

“She had so much pent-up energy from being in a kennel for so long that she was nonstop playing and running around the first night she got here,” Angela shared with Love Meow.

playful kitten cat

Juneau explored every nook and cranny and tore through the place as if she owned it. She romped around with incredible confidence, jumping across the bed and pouncing on toys.

“She did a lot of zoomies around the foster room because she was so happy.”

happy snuggly kitten

The calico was a bundle of unbridled energy and didn’t seem to have a pause button.

“She’s moving all the time and will play with just about anything. She also absolutely loves people. If you just talk to her or say her name, she will start purring loudly.”

happy kitten tongue

After tiring herself out from a whirlwind of activity, Juneau nestled beside her foster mom, melted into her hand, and drifted off to sleep.

“She has the sweetest personality. She’s been almost nonstop purring since she got here.”

snuggly kitten happy

With a special diet, supplements, and the comfort of a foster home (instead of the lonely, stressful shelter environment), Juneau fully recovered.

She bounced around even harder with her newfound strength, and the house echoed with the pitter-pattering of her little feet.

pretty calico kitten

After months of waiting, Juneau was finally ready to embark on a new journey.

Last week, she graduated from foster care and was reunited with her adopters in her forever home. “Juneau is now Yuumi, and her adopters have bought her so many toys,” Angela told Love Meow.

playful curious kitten phone

Knowing how much Yuumi revels in playtime, they’ve filled the house with all the toys and cat furniture she could dream of.

Yuumi hopped into a bed on her new cat tree and claimed it as her throne.

calico kitten cat tree

The sweet calico brings immense joy to her new family, keeping her humans and canine brother, Milo, entertained with her playful antics.

There is no shortage of purrs and laughter in their home.

happy calico cat kitten

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