Social Media Abuzz as Fans Pose Next to C. Ronaldo Statue at CR7’s New Museum and Hotel

During the month of July 2016, Cristiano Ronaldo achieved a wide range of remarkable accomplishments, including winning the Euro 2016 tournament with the Portuguese team and opening a series of new museums and hotels in a row.

In Madeira, the city in which Cristiano Ronaldo was born and raised, he inaugurated his very own museum on July 1. The main foyer is distinguished by a new wax statue of Cristiano Ronaldo, who wore a Portuguese shirt, as well as a big artwork that depicts the various clubs that the 31-year-old superstar has played during that time.

The new museum spans an area of 1,400 m2, nearly 4 times larger than the old museum located far away. Approximately 160 large and small titles that Ronaldo has won so far are displayed here.

Among them, the most notable are the 3 “Golden Balls” in 2008, 2013, and 2014.

It is expected that the new museum will attract a much higher number of visitors than the 200,000 visitors per year of the old museum inaugurated in December 2013.

A small corner displays memorabilia and funny gifts from fans.

At the wax statue of the idol, tourists take photos with themselves. “After Euro, Ronaldo will begin the 2016/2017 season with Real Madrid, and he has the opportunity to bring new titles to the museum,” stated Nuno Viveiros, both the director of the museum and the cousin of Cristiano Ronaldo, who is also the director of the museum.

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