Ronaldo’s girlfriend spent a lot to buy the most expensive bag in the world. What’s inside is unexpected

Georgina – Ronaldo’s girlfriend – has a special passion for handbags. In an interview last year, the 30-year-old beauty revealed that she owns up to 150 bags in her house. All are expensive brand models.

According to Marca, the most valuable in Georgina’s above collection is the Hermes Diamond Himalaya, priced at more than 400 thоusand USԀ (9.85 billiоn VNԀ). WWD said this masterpiece is in the Top 5 most expensive bags in the world at the moment. This bag is made from crocodile and plated with 18 carat white gold. Besides, this bag is also not sold on the market, which makes it even more special and rare.

Georgina’s expensive bag costs more than $400k.

What does Ronaldo’s girlfriend carry in her bag?

In a recent sharing session, Georgina revealed what she carries in her bag. It was quite surprising when the Spanish beauty revealed that she often carries candy or dark chocolate. “Today, I brought a few packages of candy because they haven’t been found and opened by my kids yet. However, my friends were surprised to hear that I often bring chocolate,” Georgina revealed.

Besides makeup, she also admitted to bringing a rosary and ribbon to bring good luck. Besides, she sometimes brings gym gloves, sunglasses, gum or mosquito repellent for her children.

Georgina first met Ronaldo in 2016 at a Gucci store. The two quickly fell in love and have been together ever since. To date, the couple has two girls together, Alana and Bella. Previously, CR7 had 3 children through surrogacy: Ronaldo Jr, twins Mateo – Eva.

Thanks to knowing Ronaldo, Georgina’s life completely changed. From a girl living in a rented house in Spain, Georgina now owns a fortune of about $10 million. The 30-year-old beauty has 57 million followers on her personal page and is the representative face of many brands.

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