Michael Jordan drops $3.5 million on a 1,817 HP Hennessey Venom F5 Roadster

Michael Jordan has added a new car to his collection, and it may just be his flashiest ride yet.

The 60-year-old splashed out on a brand new Hennessey Venom F5 Roadster, a limited edition super sports car that runs up a price tag of around $3.5 million, according to The Drive. The car is best known for its sleek design and incredibly fast speed. The F5 Roadster runs on a 1,817 twin-turbocharged V8 engine, enabling its hardtop versions to hit up to a possible 311 mph of top speed. He purchased a Roadster edition, meaning he’ll have a retractable roof for his new ride.


Perhaps Jordan’s time as a co-owner of a NASCAR team has created an itch to drive fast. His Airness currently owns the 23XI NASCAR racing team, and the drivers under his umbrella include Bubba Watson and Tyler Reddick.

John Hennessey, owner of Hennessey Performance, posted a photo to his Instagram celebrating the sale of the supercar to Jordan, who he called a “special friend.” 

“Today was a special day. Such an honor to build a special Venom F5 for a special friend,” wrote Hennessey, followed by a goat emoji.

In total, Hennessey Performance built 24 of the coupes, which have all sold out. Only 30 of the roadsters—the edition Jordan bought—were made, indicating just how exclusive ownership is for one of these vehicles. 

According to Front Office Sports, Jordan collected $256 million last year from his licensing deal with Nike after the Jordan Brand reported $5.1 billion in revenue.

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