Fans Posing with Ronaldo Statue Spark Social Media Frenzy

The statue was unveiled on December 21, 2014, in front of the Museu CR7, a museum dedicated to the soccer superstar. It is composed of bronze and stands at a height of 3.4 meters, including its base.

The statue of Cristiano Ronaldo stands proudly on the island of Madeira.

It captures Ronaldo in his characteristic goal-scoring stance, with his right foot on a soccer ball and his left foot stretched behind him.

Renowned artist Ricardo Velosa spent approximately three years crafting the monument.

Fans from all over the world visit the statue to take photos and pay homage to Ronaldo’s accomplishments.

The crotch of a monument of Cristiano Ronaldo has been polished by female supporters.

Cristiano Ronaldo, a star for Real Madrid, has erected a monumental statue in his honor. The Portuguese international flew to his home on the Portuguese island of Madeira, where he stood in front of the sculpture with his family.

An emotional tribute is difficult to refute given that Ronaldo is by far the island’s most prominent export. In his birthplace of Funchal, there is already a “CR7” museum.

Ronaldo’s decision to fly home, where he was pictured hanging from a monument with friends and relatives, was not unexpected.

Massive crowds came on Sunday to see the grand launch of the life-size copy of the Madrid maestro in his trademark free-kick posture.

Saturday’s FIFA Club World Cup final between Real Madrid and San Lorenzo culminated in a 2-0 victory for Real Madrid. The former Manchester United star attended the presentation following Real Madrid’s victory.

Thus, it is believed that touching Cristiano Ronaldo’s statue will bring good fortune. A large number of people are trying their luck by looking at his crotch.

Ronaldo’s status as the top player in the world will always be the subject of discussion. Clearly, he confronts strong opposition from Lionel Messi. On Madeira, though, one man towers over the rest.

At Madeira Airport, the iconic bust of Cristiano Ronaldo has been replaced with a new statue. Last year, when it was exhibited to an indifferent crowd, the sculpture of the Portuguese captain attained worldwide fame.

The consensus on social media was that he resembled The Head of Art Attack or former striker Niall Quinn more than the Real Madrid superstar.

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