Here’s What Really Happened To El Chapo’s McLaren F1

El Chapo’s McLaren F1 is very much the least documented and the most mysterious of all the F1s in existence.

We’ve covered many VINwiki stories before. But perhaps the most intriguing is the notoriously-elusive McLaren F1 chassis number 39. Once said to be in possession of El Chapo, this F1 is by far the most story-rich yet mysterious of all the F1s in existence. The McLaren F1 is a highly exclusive and extremely coveted supercar. Only 106 units have been produced, so whenever an F1 pops up for sale, you know it’s gonna set a new auction record.

But unlike the majority of McLaren F1s out there, you won’t see this polarizingly-specced item in any auction lot fetching eight-figure sums. Allegedly residing in a rather dangerous part of Mexico, this McLaren F1 is very much the least documented and the most undesirable as far as F1s go.

Gathering info about the car isn’t easy, especially given the cartel’s presence in the area. Naturally, most high-net-worth buyers will not consider associating with it. However, not everyone is of that opinion. Ed Bolian, with whatever he’s managed to unearth, is perhaps the only person who can talk about this McLaren in detail.

Before we discuss what really happened to El Chapo’s McLaren F1, let’s get to know the supercar a bit more and see what makes the F1 so special.

McLaren F1 Is The Very Definition Of Automotive Royalty

The Mclaren F1 was Gordon Murray’s vision of a light and powerful automobile that stood as the ultimate expression of a road car. Some important highlights of the Mclaren F1 are its naturally-aspirated V12 powerplant, the lack of driver aids, and the three-seat layout.

The engine in question is a 6.1L V12 developed by BMW’s M division, producing 618 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque, nestled in a package that weighs just 2,579 pounds, giving the F1 a power-to-weight ratio of 550 hp/ton.

Another highlight is that the F1 is a pure driver’s car. It has no ABS or traction control. On top of that, the McLaren F1 has the perfect formula to entice any enthusiast. With a screaming V12, a 6-speed manual, and a central driving position, the McLaren F1 delivered the most involving driving experience of any supercar up to that point. To this day, the F1 is the fastest naturally aspirated car on the planet.

The McLaren F1 was an engineering marvel with simplicity at its forefront—something you don’t see a lot these days. Not many automobiles, even today, stand a chance against the F1 in terms of performance. At a time when exotic cars barely did 200 mph, the Mclaren F1 had a top speed of 240 mph!

Tracking Down El Chapo’s McLaren F1: The Story

The McLaren F1 (chassis 039) is a Brazilian brown metallic with red interior and gold wheels, initially built for then McLaren CEO, Ron Dennis. But the spec was too polarising that Dennis’ wife refused to let him take ownership, putting the supercar back on sale.

For a brief moment, the car stayed in the UK. But around late 1997, the F1 was believed to have been sold to Mexico. How it ended up in the country remains a mystery, with some rumors claiming it was an illegal import via Brazil. Regardless, the car was found to be owned by someone close to the infamous drug lord of the Sinaloa cartel, Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera, more commonly known as ‘El Chapo’. Umberto Ojeda, a high-ranking cartel member and El Chapo’s trusted lieutenant, is believed to have been the owner.

After the supposed death of Ojeda, the F1 sat for around 16 years. The shady history meant that this McLaren F1 could indeed be Ed Bolian’s only chance of owning the iconic supercar. In a recent VINWiki video, Bolian pressed on, trying the best he can to uncover the location and possibly strike a deal with whoever is in possession of the supercar. Unfortunately, things weren’t progressing as he would’ve liked, and the trail eventually went cold.

The Hunt For El Chapo’s McLaren F1 Has A Shocking Finale

Ed Bolian’s persistence and contacts helped gather more information about the current status and condition of the missing McLaren F1. In an update video (embedded above), Ed says one of his contacts, whose story seemed legit, saw the F1 recently, albeit in a rough condition, and confirmed that one of the cartel members is, in fact, driving it.

But about a month ago, the same individual gave Ed a call with some bad news. According to him, the current owner of the F1 has apparently been shot while he was “flexing around” by some non-cartel assailants. They have since taken possession of the McLaren F1 and flown it out of Mexico, either to Panama or Colombia.

Although he still has interest in the car, it’s unlikely that Ed Bolian will ever hear back from the F1’s “current owner.” At the moment, it appears the quest for El Chapo’s McLaren F1 has reached the end of the road.

Source: YouTube/VINwiki

Credits: Kiran Menon / Hotcars

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