Checkout This Screaming Shelby GT350

There are ordinary cars, and then there are also extraordinary machines like the Shelby GT350 recently featured on AutotopiaLA YouTube channel. This is a modified ’66 Shelby GT350 owned by an attorney named Dave.

Dave’s ride has been through a series of transformations, each playing a role in its current state of automotive excellence. The recent engine swap has introduced a 363 crate motor, elevating the car’s overall performance to new heights.

At the heart of this beast lies a 289 block that has been punched out to around 302, boasting a multitude of upgrades that would captivate any gearhead. From a solid roller camshaft to stud girdles and Pro One heads endorsed by Ford for TransAm racing, every detail reflects the dedication and passion invested in this machine. The 13:1 compression ratio, 650 carburetor, and distinctive exhaust system all contribute to the car’s unmistakable personality.

Watch the video below as Shawn Davis from AutotopiaLA YouTube channel gives us a tour on a loud Shelby GT350 that commands attention whenever its on the road.

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