Bugatti has banned Tom Cruise From Buying Its Sports Cars

Tom Cruise has performed many heart-stopping stunts as a movie star; but he can’t just wriggle free from Bugatti’s veto!

Tom Cruise has become an iconic figure in the movie industry, revered for his mind-boggling stunts that give everyone (movie producers inclusive) the chills! The star-studded actor has starred in numerous top-grossing movies like Mission: ImpossibleTop GunRisky BusinessJack Reacher, and Edge of Tomorrow. That said, the Tom Cruise car movie tagged Days of Thunder, shows that he’s no slouch behind the steering wheel.

His impeccable acting prowess in the aforementioned movies has earned him much fan love; however, Tom Cruise has surprisingly lost favor with the French sports car brand — Bugatti. Yes, you heard that right! Due to an incident that occurred back in 2006, the Hollywood icon has been permanently banned from purchasing sports cars from Bugatti. In this article, we’ll run you through the events that led to Tom’s veto, celebrities currently banned by Bugatti, and stringent rules set by the automaker. Ready? Let’s get going!

The Simple Accident Featuring A Bugatti Veyron

Tom Cruise has a vast collection of cool cars, including the Buick Roadmaster, Ford Mustang Saleen S281, Chevrolet Chevelle SS, and Chevrolet Corvette C1. That said, the actor also has a unique hypercar in his collection — the Bugatti Veyron. Back in 2005, Tom Cruise successfully purchased this automobile for a heart-numbing price of $1.9 million. This car was regarded as the epitome of automotive ingenuity at the time as it wielded a 16-cylinder engine that could seamlessly churn out 1000+ horsepower. And since the actor was among the earliest buyers of the automobile, he inadvertently gave the Bugatti brand great PR!

However, the relationship between the sports car brand and Tom Cruise would take a dramatic turn the following year. During the premiere of the movie, Mission Impossible III, the actor gracefully arrived at the red carpet in his Bugatti Veyron. With thousands of people present, including the international press relaying the event to millions worldwide, the executives back at Bugatti’s HQ probably had smiles plastered on their faces due to the publicity they’ll be getting.

Tom Cruise disembarked from the driver’s side without hassles; but as he went around to open up his ex-wife’s (Katie Holmes) door, he struggled with the handle. It took the actor several desperate attempts to successfully unlock the door. Although some quarters assert that this incident took place because the door was locked from the inside, the internet went agog and considered it bad PR for the French sports car automaker.

Bugatti Veyron Engine Specs

Displacement487.8 cubic-inch
Power1,001 hp
Torque922 lb-ft

Petty Much? Bugatti Bans Tom Cruise From Purchasing Its Sports Cars

From the looks of things, it seems that the word “forgiveness” doesn’t make an appearance in Bugatti’s dictionary, as they immediately blacklisted the actor from purchasing its cars due to the red carpet accident. Although Tom Cruise’s fiddling with the door became a meme that’d make waves on the internet, there’s a part of the divide that thinks that Bugatti was 100% petty for not giving the star-studded actor a second chance at scooping its hypercars without going through a proxy.

Well, the deed has been done, and it looks like Tom Cruise will never arrive at a Bugatti dealership to purchase one of their peppy sports cars. This restriction might just be one of the many reasons why the only notable Bugatti in the Mission: Impossible actor’s car collection is the Veyron. It’s been 17 years since Tom Cruise was restricted; isn’t it time to let bygones be bygones and let the accomplished actor purchase the Bugatti of his dreams? We’ll leave that to the luxury automobile manufacturer to decide!

The Top Gun Star Isn’t The Only One On Bugatti’s Naughty List

Bugatti has become a brand synonymous with restrictions and outright bans. Besides Tom Cruise, some celebrities have also been barred from purchasing a car from the automaker. Notable mentions include:

Floyd Mayweather

You’ve probably already encountered photos of Floyd Mayweather’s Bugattis on the internet. But this isn’t surprising, given that the revered boxer has earned hundreds of millions from his illustrious career. However, it’s pertinent to note that Floyd Mayweather fell into Bugatti’s blacklist after the manufacturer discovered that the boxing star had sold his Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse for a price higher than the original purchase amount. However, this ban hasn’t stopped Floyd Mayweather on his quest for luxury cars. In fact, he has over 25 lavish automobiles in his ever-expanding collection.

Simon Cowell

Known for his appearances in top-charting TV shows like American Idol and America’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell is another celebrity banned by Bugatti. But what prompted his ban? After purchasing a Bugatti Veyron in 2008 for an estimated $1.6 million, Cowell sold the hypercar after six years via auction specialist Barrett-Jackson. At the time it was auctioned off, the Veyron had only accumulated 1,300 miles. Bugatti was unhappy that the TV host who owns an insane car collection ended their partnership and decided to place him on their blacklist indefinitely.

Flo Rida

Flo Rida, a rapper who made waves back in the 2010s, reiterated his star-studded status by purchasing a Bugatti Veyron. In 2011, he was pulled over by police while driving his Bugatti Veyron and was subsequently charged with drunk driving after failing a sobriety test. This was negative PR for Bugatti; as such, they distanced themselves from the rapper, adding his name to their storied blacklist.

Jenson Button

It seems like Bugatti has vendettas with those that leave its revolutionary creations relatively untouched before selling them. Former Formula 1 driver, Jenson Button, incurred the wrath of the luxury car manufacturer after he’d put up his Bugatti, which had racked up only 1,500 miles, up for sale in 2009. He also put a $1 million price tag on the car, a value lesser than the original selling price. These actions showed that Button wasn’t interested in the car and wanted to sell it without hassles. As such, it’s no surprise that Bugatti retrieved its blacklist to pen down the ex-racer’s name.

Bugatti Has Select Rules Owners Of Its Automobiles Must Abide By

We’ve just taken a peek at celebrities that have been blacklisted by Bugatti for giving the brand negative PR. But did you know that the French automaker has certain rules that all owners (including the man with the most Bugattis in the world — Cristiano Ronaldo) must abide by? Without further ado, let’s take a peek at three major caveats outlined by Bugatti that owners must adhere to remain in the car manufacturer’s good books:

An Annual Maintenance Expenditure Of $21,000

As if splurging millions on an automobile wasn’t enough, Bugatti demands that all owners commit to an annual maintenance expense of $21,000 to ensure their cars’ complex inner workings are in sync and function seamlessly.

Wheel Changes Every 10,000 Miles

Although there’s no specific expiry date on the wheels paired with Bugattis, the manufacturer insists that all owners should change them (all four wheels) every 10,000 miles. And like you might’ve expected, these wheels don’t come cheap, with a set of rims featuring an estimated cost price of $69,000.

Sacrifice Your Privacy

According to a report, each Bugatti has a built-in telemetry system that monitors approximately 10,000 distinct signals from the car’s powertrain, transmission, and other car systems. These signals are then routed to the company’s HQ in Molsheim, France. As such, prospective Bugatti owners must note that privacy is thrown out of the window once they purchase a hypercar from the automaker. Any attempt to impede monitoring activities might result in a blacklist.

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