A Peek Inside Cristiano Ronaldo’s Biggest Philanthropic Ventures

Cristiano Ronaldo is a strong believer of giving back to the society.

Cristiano Ronaldo is on the path to be soccer’s first ever billionaire with this amount of money, he makes sure to give back the community. Cristiano Ronaldo has surpassed $1 billion career earnings and it is no secret that he is among the richest athlete in the world, Ronaldo has a net worth of $500 million. With his ridiculous skill and achievement throughout his career, he has amassed billions of wealth. His contract which expires this year which stipulates that he earns an average of $64 million in a single year.

The captain of the Portugal national team Cristiano Ronaldo is loved by public. The Manchester United forward is not only loved by people because of his extraordinary skills in football and his gorgeous physique, he was also loved by many because of his generous and pure heart. Among his most expensive donations made over the years are listed below.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Donation to Cancer Centre

Among the first donations made by the Premier League club Manchester United forward was made to help the cancer centre in the sum of about $130,000. This act hits home for Ronaldo since his mother survived breast cancer in 2007 and he was very thankful for it. He was so thankful to the care centre in Portugal who took care of his mom so he decided to help them in return by donating a large sum of money.

Donations to Hospitals in Portugal

During the pandemic, Cristiano Ronaldo agreed to take a pay cut for four months, from March until June, which has deducted about $4 million to his salary in 2020. Cristiano does spend enormous amount of money in luxury but he gave millions to help others. The amount deducted on his pay was mostly donated to the hospitals in Portugal so supply hospital beds, fans, ventilators and infusion pumps. He went on to suggest for his national team squad to donate half of their bonuses from the Euro qualification in order to help those who are greatly affected by the global crisis.

Cristiano Ronaldo Made An Additional $1 million Donation to Help Aid the Coronavirus

According to the , numerous outlets have reported that aside from Cristiano Ronaldo’s paycut, he made additional $1 million to hospitals in his home country to further fight the coronavirus crisis. He has teamed up with his manager Jorge Mendes to make the said donations. The lucky recipients of his generous donations were the hospitals located in Porto and Lisbon. They have received numerous beds and ventilators to help cope with the rising number of patients infected with Covid-19. It was the president of the Santa Maria Hospital, Daniel Ferro, who revealed the selfless act of Ronaldo to the media. Daniel Ferro was contacted by Jorge Mendes in behalf of Ronaldo to help finance two intensive care units for the patients of Covid-19.

Sold his Award for Humanitarian Purposes

Among Cristiano Ronaldo’s most notable acts to help the others is when he sold his Golden Boot and donated the proceeds. The Golden Boot is an award given to the top-scorer in Europe which was given at the end of every season. The award was auctioned and was able to raise about $1.5 million which was then donated to fund numerous schools in Gaza.

Donated His Champions League’s Bonus

Cristiano Ronaldo donated his Champions League’s check worth around $650,000. He donated the whole amount he received for winning the UEFA Champions League to the UN charity. Although he might come across as some muscle flexing narcissistic and self-obsessed athlete, it seems to be not the case as he was named most charitable athlete in the world. He was named as the world’s most charitable sportsperson in 2015 by the dosomething.org after he donated to the Nepal earthquake survivors. Upon winning the most coveted title in the world of sports in Europe, he gave the full amount to the NGO.

Save the Children Donations

When Cristiano Ronaldo became Save the Children’s ambassador in 2012, he made sure to share his wealth to them. He has donated a large sum of $475,000 in 2014. The said amount is the winning prize from the Champions League which he divided in three foundations including Unicef, and World Vision in addition to supporting the Save the Children foundation. He made this gesture after he went on to become ambassador for World Vision and Unicef.

Donation to Make A Wish Foundation

The forward for Premier League club Manchester United has made a donation to fund the construction of the pediatric hospitals in Santiago, Chile. Ronaldo has auctioned off his Ballon d’Or trophy which he won in 2013 and the proceeds were donated in full amount to the Make-A-Wish foundation. The total amount of the donation came up to $650,000. It was a joint venture he made with the Italian businessman Alessandro Proto to help the South American cities.

Donation To Help Aid Nepal

Cristiano Ronaldo has donated a sum of $5.3 million in order to help Nepal. Portugal national football team forward gave an enormous donation to the charitable organization called Save the Children which helps provide for the survivors of the earthquake that hit Nepal which took place last April 25, 2015. This was not the first time the 37 year old Portuguese footballer has donated money to the Save the Children, he already donated to the in 2014. The said donation was made after Cristiano Ronaldo called upon his Facebook followers which were about 100 million at the time to donate to the charity to help survivors of the earthquake in Nepal.

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