40 Awkward Family Pics That Are Too Hilarious

Christmas is a time for family, when everyone from the far reaches of the world gather together to catch up, feast and commemorate the holiday spirit with some good old family photos. 

While some families end up with heartwarming pictures others might be a more chaotic reflection of the nature of the people being photographed. Scroll below for a riveting collection of pics snapped at just the right moment to capture babies falling out of parents’ arms, fighting dogs and folks caught mid-sneeze amongst many other ridiculous but hilarious moments. 

#1 For My Father’s 88th Birthday, We Took This Traditional Japanese Portrait Of Our Crime Syndicate Family

Image source: JunachoSemiautomatic

Kirsten KerkhofEverybody is so into it! I love it!

#2 A Friend Had A Family Photo Taken

Image source: FictionFawkes

#3 My Hilarious Father (With The Magazine) And My Grandfather, Grandmother And Uncle At His Bar Mitzvah In 1972

Image source: JasonPlatz

#4 “We’re Good Parents I Swear”

Image source: WakaFlockhart

#5 How To Get Everyone In The Family Picture

Image source: fatassroshi

#6 Go Ahead I Dare You To Show Me Your More Awkward Family Photo

Image source: winterbureau

#7 I Found This Gem While Looking Through Family Photos Last Christmas. I Don’t Know Why My Grandmother Wanted To Keep It, But I Love It

Image source: Serenityfalcon

#8 The Wind Didn’t Stand A Chance

Image source: EmmeElleJay

#9 When Your Pocket Square Is Your Family Hamster For The Christmas Photo

Image source: _MTAnderson

#10 Family Photo Gone Wrong

Image source: queenlimabean

#11 My Current Relationship Status: Emily

Image source: cantseawright

#12 We Finally Got A Family Photo That Represents Us

Image source: hexmedia

#13 Yet Another Year As The Last Unmarried In The Family

Image source: TheDeepBlueZ

#14 Nothing But Aquanet

Image source: grievingkidneys

Delennoh god, that hair. I only see hair…

#15 Family Photo From Last Fall: We Had To Physically Restrain My Little Brother And When He Finally Got To Jump, The Photographer Caught This Gem

Image source: neworleansbounce

#16 The Chicken Has Joined Our Family Photo

Image source: jeniferboycephotography

#17 My Wife Looked So Obnoxiously Thin 24 Hours After Giving Birth That I Joked That I Looked Like The One Who Had Just Given Birth. So We Decided To Swap For A Funny Photo

Image source: tyleryoungblood

#18 That Family Picture Where I Had My Hand In My Pants

Image source: mrjeffro

#19 10 Years Ago It Was Our First Family Photo, It Looked Like We Stole Someone’s Kid

Image source: Skissored

#20 This Is As 1988 As It Gets

Image source: jonolong

#21 My Family Was Not Particularly Photogenic In The 80s

Image source: reddit.com

#22 Nothing Says 1980’s Like My Friend’s Family Photo

Image source: MsKwispy

#23 Graduating Today From Temple University After 15 Years Of Working Full-Time And Balancing My Life. Attempted To Take A Family Photo At Graduation

Image source: northeastunion

#24 Channeling The Winter Of 1980. This Was Our Family’s Holiday Photo Last Year. We Need To Have A Sense Of Humor In Life And Not Take Ourselves Too Seriously

Image source: sheilangonzihackbarth

#25 I Set The Timer On The Camera And Then Fell Running To Get In The Photo. This Is My Family’s Reaction

Image source: drossmaster4

#26 Annual Family Photo

Image source: TitillatingTofu

#27 My Mom Missed A Group Photo So She Offered To Photoshop Herself In

Image source: milkyboi1

#28 Yes This Is Really My Childhood Family Photo

Image source: kikiboniki

#29 For Our First Family Portrait We Told My Younger Sister To Make Sure To Not Blink, And To Smile Nice And Big. All Of The Pictures Came Out Like This

Image source: peppermintty

#30 My Nephew Wasn’t Down For Our Wizard Of Oz Halloween Theme

Image source: nerves76

#31 Happy Halloween From Our Beautiful Family To Yours

Image source: chloebeephoto

#32 Sometimes Matching Your Clothes During The Family Photo Shoot Isn’t The Best Idea

Image source: Aribear

#33 An Authentic Family Portrait

Image source: jefffrandsen

#34 We Just Wanted A Nice Family Photo

Image source: jimmynudetron69

#35 My Grandparents And My Mother In The Front. 1967, Tokyo, Japan

Image source: PastaManSan

#36 My Friend’s Family’s Christmas Card

Image source: Imjusttryingtothink

#37 Family Photos

Image source: eldridgephotography

#38 Family Thanksgiving 1990. What A Time To Be Alive

Image source: gabriellejayne

#39 Atheist Friend’s Parents Forced Him To Be In The Church Directory Photo. They Settled

Image source: BiologyRulez

#40 So My Friend Almost Dropped The Baby During Their Family Photo Shoot

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